Hello there!

Umm, this is embarrassing. Stacked Development is an infant and so is it's website. Just about 3 months old its stumbled and created a giant mess. Babies break things and make big messes; this baby website is no exception! Please pardon the mess, I've got a lot of diapers to pick up. And Yes, the owner of Stacked Development has a toddler running amok. This website represents the 20-30 minute free windows I've found to build this in between working for client projects and chasing the toddler who has stolen my phone, mouse, keys or keyboard for the fifth time today....

While I build this site as a one man shop, I've got a lot of experience building and running teams. If you hire Stacked Development, LLC, you're hiring an expert and a human. Yes this website isn't even 80% of what it could be, but soon it will have the bumper on right and painted correctly. The approach I took with this site was, I didn't want to use someone elses work, I didn't want to fork Material UI, Bootstrap or something like that. I didn't want to invent a build system or use one (parcel, webpack etc...). I wanted to write clean and pure code. I wanted all the animations to be done through CSS. I want this website to demonstrate what the web could look like and behave like without all the thousands of frameworks and libraries. I will show you what I can do, you'll see the evidence here.

It's been 90 minutes of pure development of this site. I've achieved my animation dream, now it's time to add color and better fonts. Stay tuned

What we do

We build custom enterprise ready applications for some of the worlds biggest companies

We grok Azure & AWS

We build in the latest JavaScript technologies: VueJs, React, GraphQL, Typescript, NextJS and beyond

We design systems that scale: from 5,000 users with 10,000 active records; to over a million active users

We <\3 compliance! From SOX, PCI to HIPAA we get it, so you don't have to

We train and scale teams, your team or ours, we can quickly on board and train you on the latest and greatest